Disney Princess Collaboration: Ariel

So I wanted to do a modern take on the Disney Princess' because I am obsessed with all of Disney. I am sure you have heard by now :). So I got to work with a bunch of girls who put their own spin to their own princess. This is how we think our princess would dress in an everyday situation.

I chose Ariel. Duh she's a read head and I love The Little Mermaid. Normally people would do the long wavy hair and ya. I am thinking Ariel is out of the water now, she doesn't want wavy long locks she wants a change. So I straightened my hair. I wore green pants (for her used to be fin) and a white top. I did not like purple top I got to go with my jeans so I went with a better color :) An anchor necklace because of Eric ;) So this is my take. Check out these girls listed below for their takes on the princess. We have normal outfits, we have a princess work out outfit, and princess inspired nails. So cute!

Oh for you OCD people who are bothered by my different sized photos...get over it I am ADD and don't want to spend a bazillion hours resizing my photos. I crop people and scenery out I don't want. Sorry :)

Top: Love Culture
Jeans: Bohme (clearance)
Sandals: Rue21
Necklace: Rue21 (similar)
Earrings: Rue21

Ariel: http://www.nightchayde.blogspot.com
Jasmine: http://www.kalinowliving.blogspot.com
Repunzal: http://meundeniably.blogspot.com
Pocahontas: http://blog.stylemenikki.com/
Snow White: http://www.Immersedinglitter.blogspot.com
Cinderella: www.loverofclothes.com
Mulan: http://www.cupofting.com
Aurora: http://www.lovemedanimarie.com