A little bit of fringe+Fashion Challenge

I love my boyfriend jeans. They are so comfy and they are so cute. I love the wash and the distressing of them. Don't  you love those mountains in the background. I live in such a beautiful state. I love the scenery. It was sooooo windy today so getting a still shot of this fringe was impossible. How cute are these earrings!! My mother in law gave me a gift card to Rue21 ( she knows I live there)  and I went on an accessory spree. I am pretty sure this entire outfit is Rue21. From head to toe.

Sorry to keep talking. I am on day 2 of the turbo fire challenge. It kicks your butt!! I thought running was a butt kicker, this is even more so. If you are looking for a good home work out I recommend it! I know my friend Sarah uses it my sister uses it, and now I do. If your interested please email my sister/beach body coach. She is amazing at keeping you on track! Go to www.lilredrunner.blogspot.com and click on her BB link. Good luck!

So the Month of June I have put myself on a NO BUY CLOTHES Challenge. I will not buy a single new thing. You see a lot of people ask themselves how do fashion bloggers spend so much money on clothes...and we do..we spend a crap ton of money on clothes, me less then usual though. I am to cheap first of all, too poor second of all, and there are more important things in life. Yes sometimes we are sent free stuff to review and show all you lovely people. The average fashion blogger spends about $600 a month on clothes. I would never be able to afford that haha. Nor would I.  So for all of you people like me that work full time to pay the bills, this month I am showing you how to rework an outfit you have already worn. I am a believer in wearing an outfit more than once. Some fashion bloggers poo poo on that. But if I am spending money on an item I will defiantly be wearing it more than once. Otherwise it is a waste! So every outfit you will see is either something I already have, have been sent, gifted, or borrowed from the sis. Nothing will be purchased...wish me luck. June is going to be long.


White Shirt: Rue21
Fringe Tank: Rue21(old)
Boyfriend Jeans: Rue21(old)
Sandals: Rue21
Arm Candy: Rue21
Necklace: Rue21 (cant find)
Earrings: Rue21 (in stores only)

The outfit I reworked...

Replaced the ves with a T, the boots with sandals and the skinny jeans with a boyfriend jean.
 See original post here for outfit details.