Ya I went there

So lately there has been so many judgements flying around that I am just kinda sick of. The whole issue on abstinence and sex. Ya it is a dirty topic. But let me do a disclaimer. Again this is my opinion. I don't judge I really don't and we all think differently. I understand that. I just want people to love each other despite our differences.

People are wanting to change the school system in not only teaching abstinence. I agree. I think we need to educate kids in their decisions. No they are not teaching kids how to have sex. They are teaching kids how to handle their choice. 12% of teens now days are abstinent. So obviously not so many are taking the abstinent lessons to heart. And then being uneducated about sex they don't realize that it leads to pregnancy. Or they do and just don't care. That is the problem. If we educate them into caring, educated them about their bodies, the hormones, the maturity that is involved.

Girls and their judgeyness. I live in the Utah bubble. Girls are awful on their judgments here. Being the Mormon capital. It is en grained into us that sex is for after marriage. I agree with that. I see what happens when people do it the other way and it is something I would not be able to handle. Unplanned pregnancies, emotional issues, it is just something I believe in personally. Not all people feel that way. And girls here get really judgey over it. Because a girl does not wait for marriage does not make her a hoe, does not make her damaged goods. It is non of our business. Maybe some girls are a little looser than that. And sleeping around is their lifestyle. You may not agree with it....but girls come on they need your love and support more then your judgements. Cant we just love and support each other. Why do we always have to hate each other? I believe in one thing you believe in another.

Let me refer you to a health teachers lesson on sex. Elizabeth Smart also had the same lesson she spoke about. The teacher compared us to a stick of gum. After having sex you are a chewed piece of gum. And nobody wants an already chewed piece of gum. HORRIBLE way of teaching a girl about her self worth. Because then if you do end up having sex, or being raped...you are a chewed piece of gum. And your self worth...wtf. I don't know what lesson manual they pulled this out of but this is not true. You are not a piece of gum. You are for more precious than that and so is your virtue.

So summarizing this for you. Girls stop judging, value yourselves, your not damaged goods, you are a human being who deserves love and respect no matter your values. Sorry for the bluntness. But come on people...peace and love. That is all we need to learn how to do.