Someone struck a nerve

So I don't do on people for their opinions. I do challenge them however. I was going through blogs and came across a blog that vented that Angelina Jolie was not amazing and how they are annoyed at the fact everyone is glorifying her. And that instead of adopting children from third world countries she should focus on efforts here. Well let me break this down for you....

Beyond Borders:

A movie Angelina shot in Africa I believe. Kids there are starving, dying of diseases because there, medical treatment is blah. There kids are starving to death and that is normal. Here we have starving kids, but we have more programs available to us. Soup kitchens, churches, the kind graces of other people. So you can see why she would adopt kids from third world countries that don't even have a chance. Here we have more chances, opportunities, programs, laws, that help kids. It may not always be utilized but it is there. So I commend her for that. And her contribution to the charities she provides for these kids. Just that alone...makes her amazing. Watch the movie if you disagree. It will rip out your heart. I would love to be able to adopt third world country kids. Give them a shot they never ever would have in their home country.

Breast Cancer:

The Broca Gene. If you watch the new 90210 like I do we all know what that is. We all know what it means to have it. Angelina tested positive for it. And she made the decision to go through with the surgery. People are like well duh who wouldn't do that to increase their chances of not having cancer. There are people. It is brave to go through and have your boobs chopped off. It is brave to fight through all the bad "what if" scenarios. What if I do the surgery and still get cancer? No the outside world may not know that those boobs are gone, but you defiantly do. And it bites your ego. You are paranoid someone can see a scare, or when people look at them they know...those are not real. You know you girls judge sometimes when you see fake boobs. Don't lie. It is brave to go through that surgery. Because it may be in vain. Luckily she has the money for reconstructive surgery. There are a few woman I know that didn't. And have to wear certain bras to cover up their damage. So yes she is amazing for doing the surgery. She is amazing for fighting that vain battle she is prone to in Hollywood. Their career is their looks. She chose life and her family over vanity.
I know a few woman actually battling cancer, and who have battled it. The threat of it alone will knock you and your spirits to the floor. Cancer is evil. I know . Anyone who fights that battle is more than amazing to me. They are freaking rock stars, superheros, angels. If you don't understand that go to a hospital and visit those families, and those suffering. Because you will soon figure out that being told you are a ticking time bomb effects everything about you. You may one day go off or you may stay in remission. The people that have the strength to fight that, to be that sick, and still are amazing to me.

Publicity Stunt:

Okay really? Just a publicity stunt? Angelina blinks wrong and its in the press. Do you really think she needs to fake this...Ohhh and her mom died of breast cancer so this is all made up. Really people??? Really?? Think about that one. Talk to Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bines on that one...those are the publicity whores.

I may be biased but I have always loved Angelina Jolie. Seeing her come from the trashy scary girl to the classy soccer mom. People do grow up. And she grew up. She turned into one of the greatest role models for me. It is ok to be a strong woman. Ya she was involved with the breaking up of Brad and whats her bucket, but look what she is doing for her kids, look what she has done for her charities, look what she does for women. She is amazing. I am bugged for some of what people are posting yes. But it is their opinion. This is my opinion.