How do you wear your fl(h)air? + Arm Candy Giveaway For my Birthday!!!!

It is my Birthday today!! So what better way to celebrate than to give you a present!!! Because you guys are so awesome!!! So that is why I am posting on a Sunday...Bonus ;)

So I have a love for Etsy stores. Emma from fl(h)air is defiantly one I love to order from. She has such cute headscarves and hair accessories, and ARM CANDY!! And she is so stinking sweet. Here is a little more about this awesome lady :).

Emma started Fl(h)air in 2009 as a hobby and made it her full time business. She is originally from Spokane, Washington and moved to Walla Walla in 2011 for love. She not only is a talented Etsy shop owner she is a cake decorator for small events. Some people just get all the talent.She also works with kids with Autism. Which is super close to my heart. As well. See isn't she just amazing!

Here are some ways I like to wear my fl(h)air

My Favorite way to wear fl(h)air is in a bow with my hair down...I love it. So cute!

Haha or in a hippie bow kind of way for a movie night with the hubby. I love dinosaurs...makes me miss my iguanas. 

Wear it in a braided pony tail. I just whitened my teeth in this pic and they were soooooo sensitive..Everytime is see this pic my teeth hurt. 

My second favorite way is in a top knot. It just dresses up the knot. I love how boho it makes an outfit. I classify my style as boho glam rock. :) my fav styles. 

See it just dresses up the hair. I love my leopard print!! 

Check out her store please. She also has a cute blog! I will link you to all her sites below. But she is also awesome enough to Giveaway some amazing arm candy! And you get to make your own color choice if you win :)

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I have worn mine if you have noticed a few times! I just love them. And she has a cool design wear you can adjust the size!! My wrists are oober tiny so this is awesome. Thanks Emma!

Emmas Links:

blog - 
facebook: Fl(h)air Accessories
twitter: @emmaflhair
pinterest: emma burke
youtube: emmalemmaism

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