Happy Mother's Day mama's

I am so blessed to have a few mothers in my life. Woman that have inspired me to be a strong independent firey young lady. 

My first moments in this life were quite difficult. I am glad we both made it! Sorry I tried to kill us both ;) I had to make a dramatic entrance into this earth. Thank you for always being there to help me through so much. Life has thrown so many curve balls. Thank you for your support! One of my greatest memories with you is going to grandmas and doing yard work after grandpa passed. And we would stop at that little burger joint. We would talk from West Jordan to pleasant grove and back. Talk about grandpa, and what I learned in school. It was my favorite! Thanks momma!

Scrap buddy ;) we need to start scrapbooking again it's been forever!!
Thank you for raising such an amazing young man. He takes such good care of me. I never thought I could love a human being this much. He is amazing and I have you to thank. You are a strong woman who has been to hell and back. The stories I learn about you have touched me. Your strength has been passed down to Bud and I appreciate all you have done for us. Thank you!