Battle of the pizza

So basically I am the lost ninja turtle. I adore pizza. I could live the rest of my life eating pizza. When my family moved out to the place they are now the previous owner stole the oven. So we lived off of pizza until we got the stove back two weeks later. I was in heaven. I was dancing six hours a day so it never really caught up to me. Now days I don't dance so I can't live off my old diet. Booooo. So I have been on a health kick lately and I am going to be my skinny self again. I'm not terribly over weight but I would like to more in shape. I want my flat tummy again. So I have some recipes if you want some clean wholesome food! You can make anything healthy!

Brownies.... Those will never be healthy you say... Hahah I laugh at you because I have a lil secret they can be healthy and not taste like cardboard. Have you heard of vitatops? Expensive yes a little bit..but so is a heart attack. Visit vitalicious to help your diet survive! They have so many yummy things!

Did you notice the pizza!!! YAY

What are your favorite diet foods?

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