5 Things about me tag

So I have been tagged by Reid the-fashion-blender.blogspot.com in the 5 Things about me Tag. I am suppose to share five random things about myself. So here we go...Don't judge.

1. I love music and I have contemplated singing in public...but to big of a sissy.

2. I used to own three Iguanas, I am obsessed with dinosaurs and those are the closet thing to them

3. I love ghost shows, but they scare the crap out of me and I end up sleeping with a light on..Brandon thinks I am ridiculous but he loves me anyway :)

4. I once was almost struck by lightning. I thought my dad pushed us to the ground, but we were actually knocked to the ground..right Dad? I can't remember that part. I just remember being scared of the lightning man. I was like 8 when this happened. Lightning always takes me back to that day. Makes my skin crawl.

5. I hate snow. And I live in the state with the greatest snow on earth...ya not so smart on my part.

Now I have to tag 5 people:

So I tag- of course...

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