Work out of the day and work out outfit

Hey guys!
So I mentioned before I work late on Mondays so I come home eat and its dark. But I am on a new health kick so I get up early work out go to work then come home and work out. So here is my work out outfit of the day. I love my nike shoes. I got them for my birthday last year from my sister and hubby. I love them!!

So work out of the day:

45 minutes on the treadmill, I did a few minutes running, then walking, then I increase the incline about 3, run and walk, then increase the incline again, and repeat the process until I hit full incline or time runs out. To keep me on the treadmill I watch a show. Today I caught up on Revenge :) What a great show! If you haven't watched it, it is a really good show. Netflix has it. Make it a date night with the hubby. Order in and watch the two seasons of it, then hop on Hulu and watch the third ;)

Work is a work out I am walking non stop and running around.

Then when I get home I eat a light dinner and I will hop on the Elliptical.

Shoes: Gift I am not sure where they got them but 
there are the same kind (here)

Work out Leggings: Nike (similar here)
if you don't want to spend that much go to Ross
they have a ton of Nike gear.

Hoodie: Nike (similar)

My sister is an avid Nike fan. And we live to close to a Nike Outlet store :)
Now let's work out!

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