Where is the love?

So I am going to get serious today which is not like me at all. I can't be serious for more than a second. But today I have something that is close to my heart. I came across a wonderful website a while ago. And I am so excited to be involved with them now. Stop Traffick Fashion is a wonderful organization who takes victims of trafficking and gives them a fair wage job in making the clothes they sale. Also a portion of their sales goes to organizations that rescue victims and rehab them, and give them another chance at life. I am going to buy a few things I mean you should see how cute this stuff is. And why not? Its for a good cause!


If you don't know what human trafficking is, basically it is modern day slavery. A lot of times kids under 18 are sold into the sex ring. Which disgusts me even writing this. I read so many horrible stories than theses kids had to endure. The fact that some of them have the positive outlook they have is stunning. I have such deep respect for these amazing people.
Girls and boys over 18 are used as prostitutes. They are pimped out to make money against their will. They are drugged, beaten, and kept from and outside human interaction. 
Not all trafficking involves the sex trade or prostitution. Some are kidnapped and forced to work in farms, and such against their will. 
Just in the United States these evil scum sucking monsters make billions of dollars. To think about this is just absolutely sickening. I know this is some deep stuff..but I just cannot believe what human beings resort to for money these days. Selling another human being...A CHILD to do things most adults cannot even endure. Ruining their childhood and their lives for a quick buck. 

A survivor

Puja: When she was 12 years old she was forced into a child marriage so her parents could provide for their other 12 children. Her husband moved into an apartment complex where her landlord sold her to a brothel. After two years of that nightmare she endured she was rescued and sent to a women's union. There she received and education, health care and learned how to rebuild.
She now lives with another trafficking survivor. She teaches work shops on embroidery. 

I am so bothered by this crap. I am sure we have all seen Taken, and lucky for us they shielded us from a lot of what goes down in those places, but we got the gist of it. 
I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful program now. I hope we can all learn and help each other from this. Love you guys!