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Hey guys!
So my clothes are being packed...and it is really hard to do an outfit of the day, when all your stuff is in boxes. Boo I know, but this gives me a chance to brag about my amazing husband. The one who takes my nerdy outfit pics, the one that takes care of me when I am sick, the one that goes Jersey Shore on people in my defence. I  have so much love for him my heart could just explode!

I knew we survived a rough child birth for each other. We both have amazing birth stories...we are survivors :) I was born three weeks late and I had the cord wrapped around my neck and body. I was not coming out of my little warm home. So I went into stress and they rushed me into C section. They did not think I was going to make it. I went with out oxygen for a while, but I fought through it. If I can remember right Brandon was a weird pregnancy. His mom had a bad side of the uterus and a good side, guess what side Brandon decided to form on. So it was no bueno! But he formed a protective bubble around himself so he would survive. And during birth his shoulders were to broad to fit. He was stuck. I think they almost had to break his collar bone to wedge him out? I believe that was the story. And let us all pray for my sake that doesn't run in the family. I have zero pain tolerance and if my kid gets wedged in me..ugh that is just barbaric to think about..TMI. His mom went through hell but he was well worth it. So we survived, so we could one day meet each other and be together for eternity. :) haha cheesy and nerdy but I choose to believe it that way.

Together at a Jazz game the day after Christmas. It is funny another blogger said her and her husband can rarely take a serious picture and the same goes for us. Sometimes we both smile but one or the other or the both of us are pulling a face.

Brandon and his Brother James. They are awesome dancers. So when James got married they had to do a brother dance of course.

Brandon and his brother and Elaina. I love this picture look at these cuties!

Ya my two sisters and I were pretty terrified. Cant you tell...and then Brandon just looks like a creepy!

Awww my sweetie kissing my cheek. I love this picture so dang much.

He is so handsome. This was the best day of my life. Can I go back to this day please!! 
Oh and look at those awesome flowers!

My two best friends. I love these two so much! I freaking love this picture. I will cherish this moment until the day I die.

Viva Las Vegas for our first Monster Ball. That was so amazing we had super awesome seats and it was another moment that I will cherish forever.

The boys paint balling. I am so lucky that Brandon fits in so well with my family. He gets along so well with my Dad and brother. I love these three so much.

Viva Las Vegas. Again. Two awesome people.

Haha Brandon and Jeremy on Halloween. My hubby made a hot woman..

Look at that handsome face. Even with silly string all over it.

It took me 40 minutes to find this jerk. We have a time share in Park City. And we and a bunch of friends spent the weekend there. I woke up and could not find him anywhere..do you see him in this picture...jerkface Brandon!

We played twister a lot!!!

We love to shoot. He always has my back!

He is still hot under all that color powder stuff...we were sneezing pink boogers for weeks. I regret nothing!

He helps me babysit my adorable nephew! I love these two!

He is such a good spotter!

Catching some waves...mmm what a hottie

Up in Park City, we grabbed my sisters extensions and made him look like a hick. Get'er Done.

This is Brandon's "chillen with Jesus" picture..he makes me laugh.

He is super adventurous..

And he is all mine! Love you bud. You are the best. Have a great day kiddo. And I will see you on the flip side! Love you babe! Thanks for always being there for me. 

Make sure to go to my facebook to watch an awesome video..its not your typical wedding dance...hint hint. 

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