We are young, lets set the world on fire

So this weekend was general conference and I wasn't going to use my blog for politics or religion but lets get a few things cleared up that have irritated me.

I am lds, I don't care really what religion people are, I love learning about all walks of life and I respect that. I really respect that. If you are a good person and you are making the world better I am not one to judge. But unfortunately not all people are that respectful.

I don't care who gets married, I don't care if you don't believe in a God, I won't ever say anything about that but I expect the same respect. Don't tell me my church is wrong, the men in my church are sexist, that we are prejudice. That because women can't hold the priesthood we have no power. Lets get things straight. Women have the ability to carry a human. We nurture that human for 9 months. Then we give birth. I have seen this ability in action and we are truly blessed with an amazing gift. A gift only women have the ability to do. So when it comes to the priesthood I know I don't need it to have power in the church. I have a different power. One that I cherish. And to be honest we hold the priesthood of some type. Do you think god doesn't hear our prayers, we can't administer a blessing of the sick and afflicted but do you think in an emergency situation our prayers aren't heard because we don't have the priesthood? Our husbands hold it which means we hold it. We don't need to come out and be blessed with it in the church.
I don't understand why we can't all just respect each other for how we may or may not worship. All we need to do in this life is love each other. I don't care if your black, white, green, blue, worship cattle monkeys, cats or nothing. You are an amazing person. And you are special. Just freaking get along!

Oh so we re painted our furniture.
I need a stuffed t-Rex I decided... Random but the last pic has sealed that fate. I have Dino love.
Love you guys.

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