This girl is on fire!

Funny story about the house... we didnt get to sign because they messed up. So maybe thursday :(

Ok so I am starting something new today. And I encourage you all every single one of you! I made a pact with my hubby that I will not say one negative thing about myself. I know we have that one thing about ourselves we dislike. But we have to see it as a positive thing. When we look at ourselves all we see is that thing that bothers us. I know my ears are one of those things. When my mom was delivering me I wrapped the cord around me neck and body. I decided I was still not ready to be here :). But I was already three weeks late. My poor mom was pregnant an extra month almost...ewww. So when the cord was wrapped around my head and neck I caught my ear in there and one ear is folded down more than the other. So when I wear my hair up (rare) that is all I see. But I am growing to love it and not let it hang over my head. And there are so many weird things about myself I just pick at and I am so over it. I need to be like ok so my nose has a dimple in it oh well. My ear is folded down more oh well. I am not rail thin get over it. We are gorgeous women. All of us. I am surrounded by gorgeous blogger friends. I mean look at Kali from Kali now living. Drop dead gorgeous and super super nice. I love talking with her. Amanda from We & Serendipity also drop dead gorgeous and she is freaking hilarious. I love meeting people that likes to play jokes on people just like me :). Dani from Love me Dani Marie also freaking gorgeous. All of us bring something different to the table I am so lucky to be surrounded by such strong, adorable girls. So girlies light yourselves on fire (please not literally), you deserve to have confidence to rock whatever the heck you want to rock!

Top: Love Culture (similar this was in stores only) 
Pants: Love Cultre
Shoes: Charolette Russe (old)
Belt: Head Over Heals (similar)
Necklace: Lia Sophia (dicontinued)