Spring Wish List

Ya I am down with a sinus infection. So thats why I am not taking OOTD pics.
UrbanOg is seriously addicting. I am always there looking and lusting after their clothes. I want one of everything in every color. UrbanOg can you just hook me to an IV. What items are on your spring wish list? If you guys want some cute ideas on how to do your nails check out Kali's blog. I have serious nail envy! She's quite talented! Plus she's the nicest blog friend in the world. Her blog is highly addictive though so don't say I didn't warn you!

Oh the skinny jeans I could wear with this beauty. Or the endless skirts I could pair with these shoes. 

I am a cat person. I love any form of cat. I am a crazy cat lady I know. I am gonna be old and surrounded by my 8000 cats and shout at buildings and smell like salt. But hey I will be happy with my 8000 cats and salt smell.

I freaking love this top. The colors!! I am a star geek. I love stars, I love start gazing..I cant tell you a single constellation in the sky. For the longest time I saw a question mark in the sky and I named it my question mark.. come to find out it was the big dipper...ya I can be a little special sometimes. 

Uh yes please a huge freaking lion necklace?? Why not?! Like I said cat person. And if Flava Flave can get away with the ugly friggen clock, and well his annoying face, I can get away with a big friggen lion around my neck.

What girl is not excited to pull out the maxi skirts and sandals? Especially with the cute colors they are coming out in. So freaking cute and it keeps you nice and cool. Ventilation ladies...is key :)

Well I wouldn't wear this as a skirt I would definitely wear a cream shirt under it and tuck it into some cute Bermudas, or jeans. I love long shirts because I hate bending over and blam you see butt crack, or G's, or thongs...not cute. I love it when its all left to mystery. As it should be!

All from UrbanOg.com..don't go there you will love it but your bank account...will not..