Happy 100!

Its my friday yay! After a long friggen week I need some sleep! We actually get to sign today and if anything else happens to stop that you will find me on the news scaling buildings and swatting at planes.

I am so happy that 100 of you care about the pointless things I have to say and my weird fashion. I love you guys thank you so much for your support. I have to say a big thanks to a few people. Corny but that's how I roll. Brandon thank you for taking pictures of your crazy wife non stop and trying to get me to not fake smile. That is a daunting task I know! Elyssa for all your help doing things for me here and there. You are much appreciated. You are the greatest! I love you so much.And I can call her my best blogger friend because she is just awesome, and she is real. Kali you rock girl. You truly are one of the greatest girls I know. I know I rant and rave about Kali. But she really is just an amazing person. After a few bad blogger friends it is good to know some are not out there to just take advantage of you. She even congratulated me on twitter. I am so dorky but I appreciate those gestures. Thanks Kali!

Onto the outfit. You all know I went to City Creek and found a new store I am in love with. Love Culture. The poor worker that got me a room...I literally had like 40 items. And it was a Friday night so they were pretty busy. Thank you Love Culture man for not killing me :) I love that store...oh man

Better pics of the ombre hair were requested...here they are and I will be doing round two after the move...ewww

Top: Love Culture (In City Creek only) (similar)
Leggings: Love Culture
Shoes: Forever Young (old)
Earrings: Rue 21 ( In stores only)
Necklace: Rue21 (In stores only)

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