Come at me Bro!

Good morning!!
Ok for those of you who share the faith this story is ingrained to us from birth. But today it brought on a whole new meaning for me. I have always been partial to this story. Because in a way I kind of understand this event going down. For those of you who don't know the man in red on the top of this wall is Samuel. He is preaching to all the people of the city, and he is trying to be killed by all those arrows to shut him up. 
In life we all feel alone like we are standing on a wall preaching our thoughts. And the world reigns down on us. Much like these arrows. We cannot let things like that stop us from doing what we are meant to do. I know it feels like I am grasping at straws here it makes more sense in my head. 
But stand and face the world and say come at me bro! Because the only thing that keeps you from your goal is you. Who cares what people think. As a blogger you come in contact with self serving girls all the time. The only reason they have anything to do with you is because you have something they don't. Originality. Be you even if it means it takes you longer to get to your goal. Because you did it without being a sell out or a copy cat. Ignore those negative "arrows" being thrown your way. Embrace those around you that support and love you. 
If any of you have seen Just Friends you know that song the mom sings "Be yourself". It is hilarious but true. Stand on a big wall and put YOU out there. Don't hide yourself, don't change yourself to "get more followers". Yes it is a bloggers goals to get millions of followers get sponsored and get free crap. I am not going to lie that was my goal at first. I was contacted by a company to do a giveaway/ review for them, and I researched the company and not only were their products not me, the way they conducted business was not me either. So I declined. I love talking to new people and getting more followers yes I wont lie about that. But I will remain myself always. I will not sell my soul for free gear. I know I would have loved to giveaway a free purse and shoes...but I will work hard to make sure it comes from a company that is on the same wave length as I am. 
Stand tall girls, don't be a mold a claymation that the world morphs you into. Because it may serve an instant gratification now...but what will it do to you? I am fine with who I am and I love my blog for what it stands for. I wish you could all realize how beautiful you all are for how God made you. And I know you are all beautiful because I see your pictures on my side bar or on your comments. I am actually growing quite close to some of you. And you are amazing strong women. Hold tight to that!

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