Beautiful Creature Lena Duchannes Makeup Inspiration

Happy wednesday!

Okay okay...let's face it I am a huge nerd! I love the Beautiful Creatures movie. And I absolutely loved the hair and makeup in this movie. This is by far my favorite movie. And I just started reading the books. I love them. I think this should have a bigger following than it does! This is much better than Twilight! Now before you throw a chair at me for saying that especially in Utah, I loved Twilight. Not in the team Edward or team Jacob way. I just enjoyed the violence. But come on Beautiful Creatures beats it hands down. If you have not seen the movie or read the books. See the movie first. I heard it brings you huge disappointment if you have already read the book. I am in the fourth chapter of the first book. Ohhh I love books like this :) But I wanted to do a makeup inspiration look and I love Lena, her makeup in the scene where she turns either good or bad is so pretty. So this is the look. It is just an inspiration, of course I can't make it exact. I wish I was that good. :)

For the face:
Moisturized the crap out of it with my Avon Moisture Replenish
Lena is super pale which is easy for me to achieve because I am super pale as well. Casper looks tan compared to me :) good ole Irish skin. So for my foundation I used the Loreal BB cream in Fair.
It is super pale foundation! But blends well on me.
I used NYX  HD cream concealer to keep the heavy black eye makeup in line
Then I used Avons mineral powder in fair as well, to set everything.
I then used the black from the I love matt wet n wild palette and put it on angling it upwards to draw my eyes out and up. I then lined the eye with Avons glimmerstick in blackest black.
Since Lena is pale she doesn't wear or would look good with bronzer, but she has perfectly flushed rosey cheeks. So I used my glossybox brand blush in a dusty rose color.
For the lips I used their nude lip gloss stick.

For the Hair:
Super simple, I just curled it with my Nume wand. I used the second to the largest barrel from the Nume 4play. Around the frame of my face I curled away from it, and after about me ear I alternated curling away and towards my face. I then took pieces and twisted them and pinned them back behind my ears almost.

Super easy for any nerd like me looking to do a Lena Duchannes look. I know I am weird, that's just who I am :)

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