Add a bit of Sparkle

I have to start saying I have the best hubby. I was sick and ugly last night. He  still thinks I am beautiful even when I look like Quasi Motos twin sister.

Who doesn't like a little bling? I found this skirt on Windsor a while back. I saw a silver one on pinterest that I fell in love with. but it was way over my budget. Windsor had a more affordable one. I was like I need that skirt. I should have bought it when I first saw it. But low and behold I finally got my hands on one. I finally just committed to it. I love this skirt. It is so cute. It is a little heavy but wear some tall shoes and you wont trip to much :).

Don't forget to enter the F{l}hair scarf giveaway folks they are so cute.

You can kinda see the ombre.

I had to have a Micheal Jackson Earth Song moment right here...I just had to. Yes I am a nerd!

No bug! Do not climb on me...

Que the genius who looked right in the sun in this eyeballs still burn

Top: Rue21 ( I guess they only had coral in stores)
Vest: Ross (old) 
Skirt: Windsor
Shoes: UrbanOg

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