Yes I am a little bit slow don't judge me

So I am redoing my whole blog. The design the everything. I finally learned how to do a few things. I swear when it comes to computers...I have no brain. It is defiantly a process. Oy. I don't have an outfit to post today. I have been super busy with work and house stuff, and oh I am doing a wedding shower and packing. But hey it will all be over right?!

Also while venting I think a few people need some apologies. I am a very shy person and that may be taken as me being a snob. And I swear to you that is not the case. I am no better than any other person I promise. I really love people. I love making friends, and sharing any advice I have. I don't have a hateful bone in my body. Unless I am on the Utah freeways..then I want to run everyone over. But normally I just like making friends, especially other fashion bloggers. I love seeing all the different styles you all have. And I love it! There are so many wonderful strong woman out there. So please if I have offended anyone I am truly sorry. :)

Vent over. It was my Friday today! Whoppie! So now I get to cook for the shower, and get all the things together. Be patient while my blog is under construction :) Love you guys!