Work out of the day

So everyone does the outfit of the day (OOTD), including me. It gives us ideas on how to style a certain shirt, or what to where with a certain pair of leggings. It is very helpful. I am a person who can't go to the gym and know just what to do and what to work out. I do cardio and then get lost in a sea of machines. Until I came across a book I got for my husband for valentines day. It is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Body Building. And I did not think I would get anything out of it until I was bored Sunday and began to read it. Holy crap it is amazing. Even for people who just want to get toned. It breaks down everything for you. It is amazing. So I will do a work out of the day for you so if you are like me and are lost at the gym, you can have my little treasure map :)
Of course this was yesterdays work out because I get up earlier than the gyms are open so I have to work out at night. Prepare to be sore! If any of these are foreign to you, YouTube has all of these moves!

All of these are done in sets of 3. So you do 3 sets of 10, if you can continue 3 sets of 6, if you can still continue 3 sets of 4. Basically you are going until muscle failure aka you cannot possibly do one more. If you are trying to build muscle go heavy, if you are toning do half of the most you can hold. So if you are toning and the most you can press is 50 go 25. Etc.


-Bench Press
-Incline Press
-Pull overs


-Chin ups
-Bent over Rows

Power Training

-Dead Lifts

- crunches 5 sets of 25

Please please please be careful when working out. Do not over do it, you will end up doing more damage. Eat lots of protein cut down on carbs, but not completely you still need carbs my friends.  And HAVE FUN.

Look up the book! It is amazing.