Nailed IT!!

Hey girls!!
So I have a strange obsession with nail polish. I don't know any girl that doesn't :). But I went to the beauty supply to get a blow dryer and I saw some OPI liquid sand for sale. I was like sweet!!! And it was half off. Double bonus! I was like maybe they have the Skyfall collection here somewhere on sale as well. I am still kicking myself for not buying it when they first came out. I was like meh I will wait for a sale. And finding the "You only live twice"color was impossible!! But I saw next to the check stand they HAD THEM!! So I grabbed the colors I wanted I was so excited. Kali from Kali now living has really amplified my need for nail polish. And finding the skyfall collection was a cherry on top of a perfect day!!! Oh and they were on sale for $4.50. Usually OPI is about $9.00 here. YAY!

The liquid sand is just as it says it is. It goes on smooth and dries a 3D sandy texture. If you get glossybox you got one in December. It is a pain in the arss to get off but it is super cute when its on.

From Left to Right:
Liquid Sand from the Mariah Carey Collection- The Impossible ( hate her love the polish)
GoldenEye- Skyfall Collection
Tomorrow Never Dies- Skyfall Collectioin
Casino Royale- Skyfall Collection
You only live twice-Skyfall Collection

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