Kenny Kens

So I have been down on life this past month. The whole house hunting has really brought me down. I was so consumed with my own problems. Then today I got to see my niece Kenny. If any of you know or read my about me section Kenny has cerebral palsy. When her mom was prego with her she flat lined and went septic. For a while Kenny and her mom had a slim to no chance of survival. The doctors were excited that they had a 25% chance of living. But they are survivors and pulled through and we got to meet Kenydi Paige. As time passed we kind of noticed she was a little different. How she would hold her hands and her legs. And later on she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I served in the special needs ward for three years, and I had worked with a girl with cerebral palsy. She became my best friend. And hearing Kenny had this really broke my heart because I knew some of the problems in life she would have to face. Watching kids run and play, and dance, we don't know if that is in her future or not. And it is really hard to wake up at night after dreaming of her walking and running. It breaks your heart. And I am not trying to be a debby downer, she is here, she is alive, and she can talk. We are so very lucky to have that. But when you love someone you want them to be able to do everything, and have everything. She is an amazing little girl. And she has an amazing brother who takes such good care of her. He is four and he is her world. He is an amazing kid and she is going to need a big strong brother to be there for her. And she has that in Gage :) So what my point of this is when the world seems like there is to much to bare, there is someone else that always has problems bigger than yours, you can conquer anything. Kenny will conquer this and she may not walk perfectly but Kenny you will walk. We will fight for you little kiddo. :) Don't let anything stop you from being happy and doing what you want to do. I hope you guys all realize how important you are in this world. No body can be youer than you.

This picture kills me. Ms. Kenny had to have some eye surgery done. And this is things that nightmares are made of. Little babies going under :( She is so cute though.
Kenny getting her leg braces. She hates them!! But they are so darn cute on her!

This is a awesome big brother. He walks for her :) I sure love them.

Who wouldn't want to spend their day like this. I know I sure do :)

After Kenny's eye surgery they had her in casts so she wouldn't rub her eyes. This looked so sad :(
but look how cute she is. 

Man he is a good brother. They sure love each other. He is the only one that can make her laugh really hard.

Little cutie! I love her sweet little face. And her skull onsie I made for her.

I love this picture of her. She is so sweet.