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Hey Guys!
So we found a place and submitted an offer Friday night..and they were suppose to get back to us. Low and behold we have to wait again!! It's the anticipation that is killing us. We really like the place, it fits us. And the waiting game to see if it is ours is brutal. Only for us to have to wait again. I have been so cranky and on pins and needles. I am super blessed, but it is super nerve racking to be going through this. I am sure many home owners have been through this and can sympathize. I have been so nervous I am making myself jittery. Fingers crossed it is good news. We were up against another couple that I know of. Sorry for them but I really hope this isn't their home.
So for the outfit this was my Sunday outfit. After I had to change. Due to the seam incident. Refer to yesterdays post for that fun story. I love this top I found at Rue 21 on the clearance rack. I think it was a whole $8.00. Yay for good finds. You don't need to pay a grundle for cute clothes. Rue 21 has a lot of cute stuff for half the price. I was on sexy modest boutique the other day and they have a lot of the same clothes Rue 21 has. But Rue has it for so much cheaper. The cheaper the more clothes you can buy.

Shirt: Rue21 (similar)
Skirt: Head over Heels (similar)
Shoes: DSW (similar)
Watch: Rue21

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