So I love what I get in my glossybox, but I hate how long they take to ship. It seriously takes like a week to two weeks after I get my shipping notice. Kinda irritating. So I might finish up my year subscription and try other boxes. Anyone have a beautybox subscription they like? I hear great things about glam bag. So I might try them. I hear good and bad about birchbox.  So we will see :)

Here is this months Glossybox.

Sebastion Professional Shaper Fierce: Ultra firm finishing spray that shapes hair into fashion and creates a high shine gloss. The all day, dry hold spray is best for medium to thick hair textures.
For 10.6 oz it is $17.00
*I like sebastian products. I got a style lotion in my last months glossybox. So I would recommend this hairspray as well. It smells nice. Nothing holds my hair however. I have such think curly hair the only thing that could probably hold it in place is barbed wire. 

Prestiche Essential Oil Bar Soap
Uncompromising freshness. Freshness, as in the highest quality of tender all natural ingredients being meticulously hand selected at the pinnacle of perfection by seasoned botanists, herbalists, and cosmetic gurus.
For 4.41 oz it is $16.99
and they gave us a 40 dollar gift card for prestiche products
*It smells really nice and I love all natural products. My skin is hypersensitive and it hasn't reacted oddly to the soap yet.

ModelCo Cheek lip tint rosy red
A light weight dual purpose tint for cheeks and or lips that delivers an instant and natural rosy gloss to suit any skin tone. This transparent gel glides on smoothly leaving the perfect amount of sheer colour for naturally flushed just pinched cheeks and a sexy pout
$24.00 for .33 oz
* This product is so so for me. I think it is kinda watery and it really looks crappy on your lips. I have dry lips anyway but it makes my lips look like crap. It leaves a somewhat nice glow on the cheeks, but it is gone in like a millisecond. I certainly would not pay $24.00 bucks for this.

Koh Gen Do
Oriental plants emollient cream
the emollient cream is a rich moisturizing cream that melts not the skin as soon as applied. Protecting and nourishing the skin from dryness. It contains vitamin A that serves as an emollient and 36 botanical extracts that leave the skin feeling smooth and looking radiant.
1.06 0z $123.00 
* I am going to be honest I loved the spa cleansing water I got in the December box from Koh Gen Do. This cream is nice but who in their right mind would spend that much on 1.06 oz of anything. Unless it sings, dances, and turns to gold no thank you. I would rather spend that on clothes, then get that swift kick to the pants. 

Elite Models intensity eye pencil
waterproof and extremely long lasting, the pencil resists all situations and climates, even the most extreme. its creamy, satiny, smooth and ultra soft lead produces easy application. The pencil slides onto the lid and the formula respects the eye 's sensitivity thanks to its soothing calming moisturizing and anti free radical active ingredients.
.04 oz $14.00
* How they described this pencil was all crap. I applied this pencil with primer and sealed it with urban decays all nighter spray. It was non existent half way through my day. It goes on nicely but it is crap. I don't mean to be rude or sound like I have a bad attitude but if you are going to shell out $14.00 for an eyeliner it better work like they say it does. I love my long lasting avon liquid liner, and their waterproof crayon. And I can get two for that price. 

I liked my glossybox. This month there really hasn't been one I haven't liked. I just hate how long it takes to ship to me :).

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