Bloggers and fashion inspirations.

Good morning.
So I haven't been in the fashion blogging game very long. I have loved fashion at a young age. I was always sketching outfits, always designing clothes. I made clothes for my sisters barbies out old socks or old material my mom had around. Fashion has always been a love for mine. There are a few fashionistas I love to take inspiration from.

Lauren Conrad. She has the cutest style. I was an avid Laguna Beach/ The Hills fan. I know it was fake but I loved the clothes and the drama. So cute.

Rachel Zoe. I love her style as well. I loved the Rachel Zoe Project. Such a great show :) she is so dang cute and minus the fur I love her fashion sense.

Onto bloggers. I always thought about blogging but never really did anything until a few of these lovely ladies inspired me to start my own blog.

Carah Amelie was the first fashion blog I ever read. She is a makeup artist and I found her looking for makeup tips. And she had like outfits of the day posts, and makeup tips. I love her blog. She has gotten more into the youtube beauty guru thing lately. I just love her blog and her youtube channel. Such helpful tips and she puts things together that are affordable. I really recommend her.

Another Cara haha. I found her blog when shopping for clothes and I don't know how I came across her blog but I did. And I never left. She has the cutest dang style. She also has an adorable little boy who also has the cutest clothes. I love her blog. And she is a fellow Utahn and she has cute but modest clothing. I love seeing all her outfit posts, and she has been doing tutorials lately that have been very helpful. Because of her I got a nice discount for my Nume 4play and my airbrush system. And after her extension post I will probably be investing in that as well.

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