So you wanna go shopping?

If you are a girl you have the innate feeling to always shop. I know I do. I could shop for makeup and clothes all day. Lets face we dot always have the money to do so. And if money is not a problem for you I am incredibly jealous, and you are incredibly lucky :). So here are some money saving tips I try to remember when shopping for clothes. Like grocery shopping if you go without a list you tend to spend more money than you wanted, or more than you can afford. List what your closet lacks. What you would like, even colors you don't own. For example I have tons of jeans, I know I need more leggings and shorts, things like that. I have little to no purple tops, and as a red head that is a shame because that is a color suited for us. After you make your list go to the Internet find outfits you like. I go to and I look at the trends for the season, or find an outfit I've seen on TV. Of course I cant afford designer clothes so I go to the stores that have something like it. I first go online to the stores I frequent. So I see a pair of embellished leggings on the Alexander McQueen runway. I search stores like H&M, Forever 21, Target, Kohl's, etc. I usually look for three of four outfits, since my paycheck only allows for that much.
So here is the example:

I love this outfit from Pretty Little Liars so I want something like it. So I hit the web....


Kohl's Top: 39.95

Forever 21 Skinny Jeans: 19.99

H&M Shoes: 39.95

Total cost of outfit:
99.89 before tax but wait...

There is a website devoted to saving you money. They put store coupons at your finger tips. Actually there are two places.
An app on Iphone called Swirl
A website:

There was a 20% off coupon for Kohl's
brings the top to: 31.96 saving me 7.99

There was a 30% off online code fore Forever 21:
Brings the pants to: 14.00 saving me 5.99

There was a 30% off coupon for H&M:
Bringing the shoes to 27.97 saving me 11.98

Bringing the new total to: 73.93
Saving me: 25.96

You can even surf clearance racks to save even more money. 

So remember:
Make a list
Find savings/coupons/sales
Search online before pounding the pavement
The more you save...the more clothes you can buy ;)

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