Plain White T's

Who is ready for spring??! I sure am. Utah has been so cold for what seems like a lifetime. We even made national headlines with out "toxic air". Yes it is gross, but if you are a fellow Utahn you know the inversion...and it happens every winter. We aren't martians we adapt. The news made it seem like we were all dying and some kind of creatures from another planet. I do miss clean air, but we haven't grown a third limb or extra toe so we live to see Spring...I hope ;)

Today has been a long one. I am ready for the weekend. Who isn't? I love spending my Fridays with my adorable nephew. I wonder what our adventure will be that day. Last week it was learning to not swear at the Mario game. And how to block YouTube videos from swearing dirty Mario..yes unfortunately it is out there.

Onto the post. Sometimes a girl just needs her T-shirt and jean combo. I like to pair it with a cute tank underneath and a nice necklace...even a bow. I love skulls so I snuck a skull tank top in. I am pretty sure you guys get that I do love my skulls :) Happy Wednesday.

Yes those are my real eyes, no I do not wear contacts, my eyes were super watery and when they water they go like a really intense blue...when I am mad they go really really green, and when I am meh they go you can tell my mood by the color of my eyes. My eyelashes however are fake, I have small ginger lashes so I needed a boost. Yay for lash extensions.

Skull Tank: Rue21
T-Shirt: Rue 21
Jeans: Buckle
Shoes: Rue21
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Bow: Claires
Speaking of Rue21 Look up their bloggers we love board on might see someone familiar :) ('s probably me) hehe