JWjewelry box giveaway closes soon

Just a small reminder to all my amazing followers. The giveaway is still going on, and I will close it Sunday morning and draw a winner that afternoon. You can enter as many times as you want leave a nice comment and that counts. Get friends to follow and enter you get to entries and they get one as well for joining and leaving a comment. This is open to anyone, anywhere, even if you are on Mars I will try to send it to you :)  Here are my favorites from her store.

 This is the necklace you will be entered to win please visit my post to enter (here)
  These would be amazing for weddings. I wish I would have had these for mine. These are just so freaking stunning.
 I love the green and the gold. I love how it is hooked and dangles to the side. I love everything about this necklace. No to mention it's the same color as my birthstone ;)
 I love the ombre looking effect on these earrings, and I really love the color combo. Could you imagine how cute this would be with you hair to the side. So many different outfits you can wear this with.

I also love red and gold. This would be so cute with a red dress, or even a little black dress with gold accessories.