Just Give Me A Reason

So if you don't already know my obsession with music, well I am obsessed. I love music, such a great way to channel your feelings. But I am not a huge pink fan but I have a couple songs I love of hers. Lately I am loving "Just Give Me A Reason". I am actually listening/singing it now. Look it up. You might recognize the guys voice in it :) he is in another one of my favorite bands.

 So on to the outfit. Blazers are a good way to stay warm but not feeling all wintery like I have felt lately. This blazer is super warm, and it is super cute. It goes with so many things. Neutral blazers are a must in every wardrobe. And then you can go cray cray with colored blazers. I want to find a mint, emerald, and red blazer. I can't even thing of buying anything right now though..I spent a mini fortune in Lia Sophia Jewelry last night. My mom and I hosted a party so if anyone is interested in purchasing anything let me know. I close my party Sunday. Get these pieces while you can because the new catalog comes out Monday and your piece might get discontinued...:) I will put up a haul of my items when they all come in.

I know the pictures suck I am sorry but it not only is foggy as crap out side it is so cold :(

Blazer: Forever 21
Shirt: Rue 21
T shirt: Down East Basics
Jeans: Buckle ( on sale)
Shoes: DSW ( 8 bucks :) )