ELF Haul!!

You all know that I have been raving about elf. I have nothing bad to say about any of their products so far. So I put in my first online order. Elf has so many coupons its unreal. So for a inexpensive product you can save even more.

Elf Lipstick

The top color: Fearless
The bottom color: Gypsy

And they are only $1.00
As you see they are very pigmented!! They last quite a long time. I put a thin layer on, place translucent powder then add another layer and it stays put all day. They also have a primer and plumper that helps the lasting power.
 Elf Eyeshadow:

I got the matt eyeshadow. I must say I hate the packaging for it. You have to fight it to get product out. Put at least you don't waste it I guess. 
The white shade is: Pearl
The brown shade is: Chestnut
They come with a little travel brush as well..it doesn't work well for eyeshadow but it is an awesome concealer brush! These are only $3.00 They have a wonderful matt finish, and they are very pigmented.

Lip gloss:

They call them liquid lipstick. It is simply a lip gloss though. I love the applicator for the lip glosses. They help you from over applying and getting that gunk build up in the corner of your mouth. They smell amazing!!
The darker shade: Baby Lips
The lighter shade: Perfect Pink
They are only $1.00 They smell good they feel good. I want Ruby Slipper so badly. So next order I will be getting that shade!
 All Over Cover Sticks:

They have a lot of these babies. Some for concealer, some for blush, some for highlighting. They are also extremely awesome! Going from left to right we have:
Lilac Petal, Ivory, Persimmon
Again they are $1.00 and they work so well. 

I'm not going to lie I was a little disappointed at first when I pulled this out of the box. I thought it would be bigger and its actually quite small. Then I started using it and I realized why it was so small. A little bit goes A LONG WAY. It has a very strong color so you only need like have a pump per cheek. It is so smooth!! This color: Headliner
This was $3.00 and it will probably last me the rest of my freaking life. 
 Eyelid Primer:

So I actually first found these on accident. I had the Urban Decay Primer, and I became SOOO allergic to it. My eyes were the size of softballs. I was really depressed because we know Urban Decay is not cheap, and my eyes get those stinkin creases in them and I want perfect eyeshadow all day. So I was trying primers and they weren't working, then I was at Target and I came across elf primers. I saw the price and I was like I doubt this will work it is too cheap and probably watery. So I tried it anyway, and I LOVE it. It works well surprisingly enough. They have four shades. This shade is in sheer.
Best $1.00 ever spent.

So again I purchases some expensive brushes. It was a kit of like 67 brushes. And my skin hated them. So had to resort to a cheaper alternative. These brushes are so soft and so amazing!!! I love them so much. I use them for my foundation application when I am not using the airbrush, and my setting powder. I highly recommend these brushes. They are only $3.00. 

From left to right we have:
eye crease brush, defining eye brush, concealer brush
I love all of these brushes, the crease brush I use for my creases obviously, it works super well.
The defining eye brush I use for my bottom lash line, and to wing out my eyeshadow up top. The concealer brush I use for under my eyebrows with a highlighter. The brushes are so soft!! They are only $1.00


The Angled eyeliner brush, and the Waterproof eyeliner pen. Miracles!!
The brush makes a perfect cat eye. I am so in love with this brush. It is long and easy to use. Also the pen does a wonderful cat eye as well. It has a very skinny fine point tip. The product sometimes doesn't always come out, and smears your previous work, which can get a little irritating sometimes. Maybe in the future they can work on that.But how much can you complain over $1.00 eyeliner. My eyeliner is in the shade: Black

Facial whip is perfect for highlighting and blush. This stuff needs to be used sparingly however because it is very pigmented and a lot goes a long way. This shade is in lilac petal.

Eyebrow/Eyelash gel.I have eyelash extensions so this next product I use on my brows and not my lashes. It is a gloss gel to keep the brows in place. If you have regular eyelashes I works as a lengthening product before putting on your mascara. It is only $1.00

The good ole Zit Zapper. I actually haven't noticed it really working. But I am going to keep trying to see if it really works. Again cant complain over $1.00.