Brighten up!

Still in a snowy smog, but hey look on the bright side it could be worse! Today was an odd day to say the least, but who cares it was a day. I have so many hauls to show you I don't even know where to begin. An Ulta haul, a Lia Sophia haul, a Forever21 haul, some exciting news..and an outfit post. You will have to wait on the exciting news, and I will do my hauls tonight so you can see them through next week. :)

The outfit today is super comfortable. I am all about comfort :) This shirt was an awesome find because it kinda comes off your body, but not in a tent like way because it still has form, but on those days where you don't feel so thin, it hides the tummy without making you look like a tent :) It is always good to brighten up dark colors. If you are wearing dark boots, dark jacket, and a dark pair of skinnies brighten it up with a bold color.

Jacket: Ross
Top: Forever21
Skinnies: Hot Topic
Boots: Vince Camuto
Necklace: JewelMint