Work Christmas Parties

So it is that time of year! Christmas party time. Luckily my work doesn't do Christmas parties. There are only three of us so it would be more of an awkward stare down. My husband however does have work parties to attend to. I like going to his work parties. They have some pretty awesome gifts for the wives. Last year I got a really cute purse. But people are always confused on what to wear, what is appropriate for office parties. There are two things that I think about when choosing my outfit for the night. The location, and the company. My husbands previous work place we ate at a casual Italian place and it was a casual company. So a nice top and nice pants. The place he works now has the parties at a higher scale place and its a higher scale company so a dress is more appropriate for that. I will show you some examples. ( All from Forever 21)

Parties at a casual Restaurant:

With this outfit it is casual but a Little dressed up. For a work party I would probably pear this with a blazer or cardigan.

I think this is perfect in every way for a casual work party. It is cute, dressed up but not to dressy. And you would be very comfortable. I need this shirt I have just decided.

This is another really cute easy casual look. It is comfortable and your parts are covered so your not constantly pulling up your top.

I would normally tell you not to wear things that are to tight to an office party. But with leggings and skinny jeans being so popular I think it it more accepted. Especially when you pair it with a pair of cute heels and a modest top. I need these pants as well.
Dressy Work Parties:
This is a perfect little black dress for a work party. It is not to short and the sleeve are of appropriate length. This dress does however does have a dropped back so I would suggest having a covered back for work parties.

This is another really cute little black dress. It can be dressed up and it can also be dressed down so you get more bang for your buck. Dress it up with a clutch and jewelry. Dress it down with flats and a cardigan.

If you want a little more color this is a perfect work party dress. It has sleeves, it is long enough to show a little leg, but not to much thigh. You do not want to show thighs at a work party. Unless it is covered with a pair of tights.

And if you want even more color this is another really cute dress. It isn't to bold and it to can be dressed down if needs be.
Hope this helps you with you! Drive safe and enjoy.