Ways to wear combat boots

So Brandon goes out of town quite a lot. He goes to conferences for training or to introduce him to new products. So that is why I sometimes don't get to do outfit posts :) He is my photographer, and I sure do miss him a ton!! But he gets to enjoy the California weather.
So on to the post I grabbed a few pics of myself in combat boots. I love combat boots!! There are so many different ways to wear them. You can pretty much wear them with anything. I know there are a few of you who probably aren't to fond of the boots. And that is totally ok. I however am a fan. And thankfully Rue 21 lets me indulge in that :)

So this was my day to night outfit post. I love love love combat boots, short, and tights. It is so comfortable and so easy to put together. And you can wear it for spring, fall,winter or  even the cooler summer days. You can wear them tied tight or pull the tongue out for more of a messy look. I pulled the tongue out and tied them all messy here. 
Shirt: Rue21
Shorts: Rue21
Tights: Ross
Combat Boots: Rue21

This was my lace and leather post I did back around Halloween. I love this dress! I stole this from my sister because she didn't like how it looked on her. Now if I would have just worn combat boots with this dress it would look a little off, so I paired a leather jacket with it as well. To kind of balance it out. I love hard and soft together. The hard of the black leather, and the softness of the vintage looking lace. And in this outfit I had the boots tied tight.
Jacket: Rue21
Dress: Rue21 
Tights: Ross
Combat Boots: Rue21

And this is one of my favorite fall outfits. Faux leather leggings a big comfortable sweater and of coarse combat boots. Again I like the hard and soft together. Here the boots are not completely sloppy I have the tongues out a little, and I didn't tie the laces up all the way.
Sweater: Rue21
Leggings: Rue21
Combat Boots: Rue21
Scarf: Rue 21 

How are your favorite ways to wear combat boots?