Snowed in...and I don't mean to brag.

Well Utah has been hit hard with snow. I absolutely hate the snow...but I have no choice but to avoid it :). We have to have at least a foot or so of snow, and I have outfits that need to be taken pictures of but I can't convince myself to drag this booty out into the snow..heck no!! So I shall just write random crap to you.
How was every ones Christmas? And if you don't celebrate Christmas how was your holiday/ break/ December? I want to know what every ones loot was this season!!

I was a spoiled brat, not only did my husband spoil me, my sister and parents, and aunt, and grandparents and in laws did as well.

I got from my parents a gift card to Michael's for copic markers. I am a scrapbook fiend, and this will really come in handy. They got all the kids PJ's and some really awesome smelling Bath and Body spray, and body gel. I think the scent was Pink Charmuse. OHHH it smells amazing.

My hubby was amazing and got me another Cricut Machine. I have the create, the expression, the imagine, and the Gypsy. He takes good care of me. I am officially don't collecting Cricut machines. :)
He also went in on an Airbrush Makeup System with my sister and parents. The Belletto Studios Airbrush. It is amazing. Its soft and its Cruelty free! YAY. Love you bud

My sister was so cute and got me the cutest outfit for my blog and when I dare face the snow I will show you guys. The leggings she got me are so dang cute!!! She is just a great person to have in my life. I just love her so much!!

I got some amazing Earrings from my aunt. They are so me and so freaking pretty. I will put them with an outfit one of these days.

I don't to go through and list every little thing, but the best part of Christmas was getting to spend time with my family. We never really all get to come together and we got the chance to finally. Except for my sister in California. One day we will all be together for Christmas. Love you sissy.