Plum Skinny Jeans and Skulls

I went to see Jack Reacher with the hubby and my parents today. It was a freaking amazing movie! So if you have time I would go see it! I am really sad this is the last day of the Christmas break! I loved being with the hubby all week and just seeing the family and being around the people I love!

My family has always had a weird association to skulls and crossbones. No matter where we have lived people have always paired us with like pirate/gothic stuff. So it stuck to us and we are obsessed with having skulls whenever we can. We have flags, pins, decorations, canes, clothing items, scarves, anything we can get a skull on we can. I found a couple skull scarves at Rue 21 and of course fell in love with them. They are kinda the cheap knock off of the Alexander McQueen skull scarves. Since I am to poor to have his scarves I will take the Rue version. Man I love Alexander McQueen though. I think if I could I would have everything of his in a master closet of awesomeness. It is a shame he died so young. He and Valentino are my biggest inspirations when it comes to fashion. Could you imagine a collaboration between the two. That would be heaven.

Shirt: Wetseal
Scarf: Rue21
Plum Skinnies: Rue 21
Shoes: Forever Young