My Everyday Makeup

So I usually have to get ready in a hurry. I wake up about five in the morning every morning for work and I take all the time I can to sleep in :). So I usually give myself about a half hour to get ready. I would post a tutorial on YouTube...but I am just not ready to do that yet. I am a little shy, and for those who really know me even putting pictures of me on the Internet is quite shocking. Maybe one day I will be ready for a video tutorial..but for now pictures and explanations will have to suffice. :)
So today is my day off but I am up early to watch the most adorable little boy. My nephew/best buddy. He is sick today, so he is very needy. I went to wake him up to give him his antibiotics and I whisper in his ear good morning I love you and he was like I love you too, please go get me Christmas milk (egg nog) and a movie. All while pretending to be asleep. He cracks me up.

So this is my everyday makeup in five minutes look. It is easy doesn't look overdone.

Step 1: I moisturize with Skin&Co Roma Truffle Serum the Hydro Toning Day Face. I love this stuff.
Step 2: I prime my face with Elf mineral infused primer. I will admit the bottle is super crappy. I have to dig out the product with a Q-tip but I love the product. 

Step 3: I go to my eyes. I don't want the fall out to get on any newly applied foundation. So I do my eyes before my foundation. I apply a lighter shade ( I used the Green Flash Quad from Avon, I used the lighter brown) across the lid and a darker shade( I used the Green Flash Quad again, but I used the deeper brown) in the crease to the outer corners. I then apply my eyeliner and my eyebrows. I don't use mascara. I get my eyelashes done and I don't need it :)

Step 4: I use concealer in the trouble or more red areas like under my eyes, around my nostrils and along my lip line and down the center of my nose. I rub it in and let it sit for like a min
Step 5: I now use my foundation. I rub it all over my face with a foundation brush.

Step 6: I now contour with bronzer  ( I use the bronze shade of the mineral powder) just under my cheek bones corners of the forehead and the sides of the nose. Also along the jaw line...blend well so you don't look odd. 
Step 7: I then use the mineral powder ( I use the light ivory) in my shade to blend it all together. 

Step 8: I then apply a small amount of blush and lip gloss.

BAM! Done...sounds like a lot of steps but I swear it only takes five minutes to do. 
Have a great day!!!