Girl it up

Well today has been really good. Work went well, came home grabbed a pre work out snack and hit the gym. Nothing to fancy I guess. So last night was the last episode of Gossip Girl. I am so sad..I loved that show...mostly for the clothes and fashion and Chuck and Blair :) But it was a good what can I watch to stay young??

So I have yet another boys shirt that I girlied up. You can do that to any boy shirt. Make it girly by adding jewelery, a vest, a jacket, bling, or even bows. Sometimes a boy shirt just looks better on a girl.

This is my please don't drip cold water on my head, face.

So this is the ohhh it smells like fresh laundry..the vent is close by and it smells good.

This is my ok water just dripped on my head face...freaking cold

Shirt: Husbands closet 
Jacket: Rue21
Jeans: Kohls
Shoes: Forever young
Necklace: Gift