A heavy heart

I am deeply saddened but the cruel events that took place yesterday morning. To those families and those kids my heart an prayers go out to you. It is so unfair that there are people that cruel, evil and cowardly enough to take the lives of innocent men, women and especially children. Let us not dwell on the evil, let us think of the hero's involved. The teachers that his their kids in closets and
sacrificed their life to save those precious little children. Those other kids who took younger more afraid children under their wings and provided them the safety they needed to make it out alive. This is not a time for lobbyists to use this as a gun control issue. The gun did not drive itself to the school, the gun did not walk through the doors and the gun did not pull the trigger in the slaughter of many. A human being did that. Without a man behind the gun it is as useful as a cold fish. And to think if the principal was armed and trained perhaps it would be a different outcome but I can't make that assumption. He could have easily walked in the school armed with a vast array of weapons. But again we should think of all those who saved lives that day. My heart goes out to all those involved. And may we pray for humanity. Because after the Colorado shooting and this it seems it is a dying thing. Hold on to the love and let go of the hate. For the sake of humanity.