Snowy and so freaking bright

So my husband aka photographer has been Elk Hunting so I couldn't really update my blog :). But three men went up with Elk tags and two came back with them filled, and one is going up until he gets one! Hunting is a huge tradition in our family. You wouldn't think I would be a fan because I am such an animal lover. Here is the thing...they give out tags according to the population of the animal...lots of tags mean to many elk...they will starve to death or kill each other. So if we kill them and keep the population at bay none will have to starve to death or die for nothing. I would rather be shot and eaten then starve and melt into the ground. Just saying :)
So this outfit is something I go to on a cold day. Its comfortable and mostly warm. I really love this wrap sweater I got from a boutique.


Jacket: S- Twelve
Shirt: Wet Seal
Jeans: Rue 21
Boots: Bass
Necklace: rue 21