Shopping in the guys section

So I have come to find that the guys section has some pretty cute clothing for girls. Or my husbands closet has some nice shirts that I like to dress up. That means more clothing options for me :) Girls don't be afraid of wearing guy clothes. They sometimes fit better than our own.
So this shirt I bought for my husband for his birthday this year. He looks very handsome in it so I stole it to play around with. It might be my new favorite shirt. The buttons are on the wrong side but hey if it looks cute and you feel good in it, then why not wear it. Be who you are. I love seeing people march to the beat of their own drum. And the wind was blowing so hard when I was trying to take pictures. So be prepared to see flying red hair. :)

Earrings: Papparazzi
Necklace: Rue21
Shirt: Amazon
Jeans: Rue21
Belt: Rue21
Shoes: DSW