Fall fashion Must Haves

So by the time I got home, got dinner cooked it was to dark to take pictures of my outfit so I will just wing this post :) It is really cold outside where I live and even for fall it is to cold!!! Dressing for warm weather?? Want to look cute while doing so?? Here are some ways I think accomplish both tasks!

The little black dress is always, always a staple in fashion no matter what season. I am in love with this dress from forever 21. You can dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down with some riding boots. To make this look work in the winter, pair it with some tights and a blazer and a pair of cute boots. I want this dress now!!

Like I said before my mom is an Avon rep which means Mark as well. And I found this little beauty while scanning through her books. Infinity scarves are very in this year. I love them in any color it can brighten up or dim down an outfit. They are cute the are warm and for anyone who lives in freaking cold weather this is a must. I will be ordering this scarf!!

Ok...so I am sooooo not a fan of the "slouchy beanie". I know a lot of people are into them. To me they look...I don't know how to say it without sounding judgemental..So I will show you my alternative. I love this old classic hats. I am an old school girl..I wish so badly I was born in a different time. I love the early 1900's. All the cute gowns women wore..or maybe I have been watching waaaayyy to much Downton Abbey. But these hats are my substitute for the slouchy beanie. They are so cute and classic and a little warmer for you noggin. :) Can you tell I like forever 21...

So this is one thing I always have to have two or three of. It is nice and warm and super cute. They pair well with boots, flats, heels, anything. They go nicely with scarves and hats. I just love PEACOATS, this is more of a trench but it is still super cute and a MUST for cold weather. 

I really need to get away from the forever 21 website. I really like that store...ugh. So another must is a cute sweater. And peter pan collars so are very in right now. I sound like a broken record. But they can be paired with a skirt and tights, or long skinnies and boots. They look really cute layered as well. 

Riding boots....I love love love love love riding boots. I think they are super cute and super comfortable!! I have a pair of brown and black ones..that look similar to these. I shall show you a pair that I would die to have...but alas my bank account will not allow me to have them.

Can someone buy me these please :). They are Vince Camuto Shaylee Riding Boots. I think they are so freaking cute!! I follow a blog and she had these...can I just say I am really jealous!! Oh well :) 

Those those are the things I think will help you survive the cold weather without being a fashion victim :). Anyone have any other cold weather must haves????