Being a ginger...

So I didn't really have time today to put together a look..but I figured I would ask for help on I have recently embraced my gingerness. I used to color my hair so much to hide the fact I had red hair. We all know growing up in elementary, Jr. high and high school being a ginger is not so popular. Well where I was it wasn't. There was maybe three redheaded girls in my graduating class. So instead of a name you are "Hey Red". Which used to bug me but I love it now. I really have fallen in love with my red hair. And I really regret ever coloring my hair. I now am purely natural with a hint if low lites. So I am trying to I don't know "polish" my look a little. And I am not sure what type of makeup I can pull off. I will show you some pics I would like to try and see if you think I can pull it off.

So disregard the lil mermaid costume I am looking at the makeup. I love here makeup...and she is just as obsessed with mermaids as I am :) Traci Hines is just a perfect lil mermaid. So What do we think of her makeup?? Can I pull it off?
So every now and then a few patients, or a few people as I am out and about think I look just like Amy Adams. And I take this as a compliment, because I absolutely love her. She is so should I go more this route?...She is more natural and light.

Oh Bryce Dallas Howard such a gorgeous ginger :) I love her. She is right between Traci and Amy. I think she is the fusion of the two makeup types. Is this a better fit for me?

´╗┐So this is how I do my makeup now..I know not the best picture but it works. So any ideas?
Or any suggestions I didn't mention?