Vest and boots

It has been a nice long weekend. Saturday we stayed up late watching an amazing Ute game. If only they had played like this all year long. Our Quarterback decleated a Cal player and it was amazing. If you know football you know how funny that is :) especially from a QB. Our special team ran the ball in not once but twice :) Go special teams!! We got a 120" inch screen and projector it made it feel like we were right on the field. It was awesome. We also got to spend some time with Joel my lil brother and we watched Hunger Games on the huge screen as well. It is so gnarly :) Well this outfit was a Sunday throw together. I was tired and I was in a not so caring mood. I know we should all put time into how we look, but it was just one of those days. Hair was not working, skin was so dry but oh well. Such is life :)

Undershirt: Wetseal
Blouse: Rue21
Vest: Ross
Skirt: Head over Heals
Necklace: Rue21
Earrings: Paparazzi
Boots: Amazon