Riding Pants and Cardigan

So last night I got to go to Park City with my hubby to Baja Cantina to celebrate our two year anniversary. It was so pretty and so nice. I love the food there! My family has been going to Baja for a million years, my parents own a timeshare up there and I have a timeshare up there. It is a normal spot for us to eat. The food is good but then there is a banana mulege aka banana foster that is to die for. So yummy! It was nice to spend time with him. I sure love him. He is simply the most caring person in the whole world. He does so much for so many people. He always gets promoted fast because his bosses always take to him and love him. He is just so likable and I have enjoyed our six years of friendship and two years of marriage. It has been amazing! So the pink today is my earrings it is kind of hard to see but they are pink and gold. I am trying to have pink in every outfit for breast cancer awareness month. So many women in my life that I adore and I want to keep around for a very long time. If any of them needed me there for a mammogram. I would be there in a heart beat. We have to stick together. So please ladies don't wait until it is too late. Get yourselves checked.

The sun on my skin made it so stinking shiney...and made me blurry

Undershirt: Head over Heals
White blouse: Rue21
Sweater: Rue21
Riding Leggings: Forever21
Boots: Amazon
Bracelets: Rue21
Earrings: Rue21
Ring: Rue21