Pink Bows

Yay for Thursday!! It is also game day. We play USC.....So fingers crossed we show up and play today...unlike last time with Arizona..that was horrible. So we will see, go UTES! Today was a weird day. Work was full of weirdness...the drive must be a full moon tonight. October is my favorite month. I love Halloween, I love fall, It is the month I married my best friend, My hubby's birthday, I just love it. The pink in this are the adorable pink bows on my shirt. After posting breast cancer awareness posts I have learned about 2 people who have been diagnosed, and you don't realized what it is really like unless it is you. Yes people can beat it, but people can also succumb to it. You never know how your body is going to react to things. The treatment is hardcore, and it takes a superhero to overcome this and come out on top. But life is worth living. There is so much we don't appreciate. Surround yourself with positive people that can pull you out of your illness. You cannot change it, but you can change the way you think about it. Get checked ladies! Think Pink!!

Shirt: Ross
Undershirt: Head over Heals
Jeans: Rue21
Necklace: Rue 21
Shoes: Rue21
Bracelet: Rue21 
Glasses: Rue21