Flannel and Boots

So holy crap today has been super nutty!! So many car wrecks up by my work, then on the way home so many crazy people not paying attention. Utah drivers are seriously the worst. I don't understand the stupidity I really don't. Anyway moving on. I am totally obsessed with boots and I want to get a whole closet of boots. Unfortunately when you are trying to save up for a house shopping sprees are on the back burner...booooo!! I love clothes and shopping :( but I would like a house to put all those clothes. So oh well. Such is life. So my pink item today is that bracelet. Today I had breast cancer scrubs on for work. I got really involved in breast cancer awareness after reading Guilliana Rancic's story. She is one of my most favorite people and her story is really inspiring. I know I sound like a broken record, but ladies please go get yourself checked. Check yourself, I am pretty sure your husbands won't mind doing a check either ;). Men get breast cancer too. So encourage everyone to get checked. Don't wait until it is to late. :) 

I know I am kinda a dork :)
And meeko always likes to have his pic taken as well. Little ham.

Undershirt: Wetseal
Flannel shirt: Ross
Necklace: Rue21
Gold Bracelets: Rue 21
Pink and Red Bracelet: Gift from Matthew :) thanks buddy
Boots: Amazon
Jeans: Rue21