Utah vs. Byu game

Well not only was last night filled with small heart attacks, I have no nails or lips left from the intense close game. What a game it was!!! Both teams played well. Both had stupid penalties, but man what a game!!! Utah won, Byu almost had us because our nincompoop fans decided they wanted to rush the field...a couple times. It was exciting, heated, passionate, it was amazing. We do not like each other. The rivalry gets kind of old. There are sore losers and sore winners. It will be nice to have a break from it. I think we might play them next year but after that we won't for two years. I am no sure I will have to check. We had a party last night for the game. A lot of people were there. My Dads biker club, our awesome friends Sarah and Donovan, my family, friends from all around...thankfully we were all rooting for the same team. There probably would have been issues if we had a mixed group. We had to have the game screening outside to many people. Thankfully we had a projector and screen and all the right set ups to have that football ambiance. I love college football. It is by far one of my most favorite things about fall. MAGIC!!
I really do not need to explain the outfit...it speaks for itself.

ha ha my cat again 

Shirt: Came with our season tickets last year
Jeans: Rue21
Earrings: Rue21..re-designed by my sis and I
Bracelet: my superhero bracelet Rue21