Skulls and Bling

Today is a much much better day. No migraines today yahoo!! I am so anxious about the upcoming Byu vs. Utah game. The BYU fans on my facebook are running their mouths again and they did this last year and they all got pretty quiet after the UTES dominating them 54-10. But it was last year and it is a new year. We are coming off a loss that should have never happened, but hey we lost and that is that. Last year we were also coming of a brutal loss, and this is a game of passion between the two. They hate each other, the fans hate each other it is a very heated game. Most Byu fans on my facebook are pretty harsh, and enticed me to retaliate. Mature? Nope, but feels good. And there are the nice BYU fans that I love...(rare) but they do exist. It can be said about both sides but me being a Ute fan I am biased. Sarah, Stacey, I love you guys you are the good BYU fans :) There are a few more of you..
So to the outfit, I was feeling bikerish..SOA started last night, and I usually really like it, but I dunno I am loosing interest in it. It is getting a little trashy I should say so I only watched like the first 4 minutes.  So my outfit is biker inspired, I was going to wear some biker boots, but I love these shoes. They are highly uncomfortable but so cute :) And blingy...then of course skulls..I am all about polka dots and skulls.

Tshirt: DownEastBasics
Shirt: Rue21
Jacket: Ross
Skinny jeans: Ross
Shoes: Shi 
Scarf: Rue21
Earrings: Rue21