Red Skinny Jeans

So I love my red skinny jeans I just have trouble matching what I like with it. So I spent some time trying to find this outfit. The vest is pretty busy and the jeans are quite loud so I didn't have a lot of jewelry. I wanted to keep it simple since the outfit itself was quite loud. I am also mourning the loss of our team last night. We played like complete idiots and deserved that loss. It was very sad. Our QB was not a team leader and as soon as he was injured our backup and freshman inspired a lot more confidence in our offensive line. Oh well...Go UTES!! Hope next week is better...we play BYU our not so favorite people.

Shirt: Rue21
Vest: Ross
Jeans: Rue21
Shoes: Rue21
Those shoes are a terror to walk in ...but I think they are so dang cute...