Polka dots and Red

Man do I love polka dots. I don't have nearly enough polka dots. My sister and I talk about all the time, how we should have been born in the 50's. I love the music, clothes, styles of that era. I would die to wear cute poofy sundresses everyday :). The cars, the parties, the drive in, the car hop burger shops. Just the whole ambiance of the 50's I adore. I love American Graffiti for the very reason. One of the best movies ever!!
So to the outfit, I was inspired by the 50's. This rue shirt gives you kind of a weird tube shape. I like it anyway. I usually tuck it into a pencil skirt but today I was feeling the rolled up jeans. This cardigan was from my wedding all my bridesmaids wore pencil skirts and these cardigans, I bought myself one to match! These shoes were the shoes I got married in. I wanted cute sparkly heels, but being in a backyard wedding..ya that wouldn't work.

Shirt: Rue21
Cardigan: 5-7-9
Shoes: DSW
Pants: Buckle

These pants were way to expensive...I will not ever pay 180 for a pair of jeans ever again.
Not unless it is from a real designer and I can afford them :)